Year 5-6 Wellbeing Workshops

The REACH Foundation – Year 5-6

Recently, our Year 5 and 6 students had the wonderful opportunity to participate in well-being sessions conducted by the REACH Foundation. These sessions were designed to explore essential aspects of emotional intelligence, focusing on comfort zones, trust, empathy, and friendships. The sessions were informative and highly interactive, engaging our young learners in thought-provoking activities and discussions.

Our students were encouraged to identify their comfort zones and recognise the importance of stepping out of them to experience growth and new opportunities. They learned that while staying within our comfort zones feels safe, real growth happens when we challenge ourselves to try new things.

Students also learned that trust forms the foundation of strong friendships and that empathy allows us to understand and support our peers better. They learned to recognise the qualities of a good friend and explored ways to cultivate positive relationships based on respect, kindness, and mutual support.

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