The Buddy System

At St Francis Xavier we believe that an effective school buddy system promotes a sense

of caring, responsibility, leadership and friendship in both older and younger students.

The system provides younger students with a security and support network with older students, as the older buddies offer emotional support, advice, direction and care to their younger students. Prep students are partnered with Year 6 students and Year 1 students are partnered with Year 5 students.

Buddy time is often the highlight of the week for both our younger and older students. Students are carefully partnered together so that the relationship can thrive and grow across the school year. You can often find our buddies connecting together in the playground or checking in with one another during the school day.

The Buddy System aims to:

  • assist Prep students in their transition to primary school
  • develop positive cross-age relationships
  • provide opportunities for peer tutoring
  • contribute to a positive and caring school culture
  • build self-confidence in students
  • develop empathy
  • promote inclusion