The Mandarin language program at St Francis Xavier is developed in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum guidelines, students’ interests and familiar content.

Students are exposed to oral and written language developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Mandarin. The program is varied using songs, drama, poetry, ICT, games, arts and crafts to develop linguistic skills and cultural understanding. 

The language program develops skills in:

  • Communicating in a language other than English
  • Intercultural knowledge – celebrations of festivals and culture
  • Acceptance, understanding and celebration of other cultures
  • Language awareness – students become more aware of the structure of their own language and grammar

Students from Years Prep-Year 6 participate in a 20 minutes specialist Chinese lesson each week and follow this up with daily practice in their classrooms. Classroom teachers and leaders participate in the lessons so they can build their own language skills and support students to practise their Mandarin between sessions. It is a great model of learning together.