Supporting All Students

Literacy and Numeracy Intervention Programs

At St Francis Xavier, we offer programs 

  • to assist students requiring additional support 
  • to extend students in Literacy and Numeracy. 

Specially qualified teachers 

  • design learning programs to cater for individual needs  
  • work with students either in small group settings, one-to-one or alongside students in the classroom.

Our Small Group Literacy Intervention Programs cater for students requiring additional support with developing their reading, writing and spelling skills. Small group classes or individual lessons are conducted in a warm and supportive environment where the learning is differentiated and carefully targeted to meet the needs of students. Teachers provide an intensive, targeted program with the ultimate aim of supporting the child to participate as a learner in the classroom program, with greater skills, confidence and independence. This works alongside the classroom literacy program. 

Our Numeracy Intervention Program caters for students who need additional focused instruction and support in numeracy. Similarly to Literacy, the teacher provides an intensive, program supporting the students in the areas of need with a particular focus on developing a deep understanding of number structure and place value. The program also enables students to investigate and apply strategies to mathematical tasks with efficiency and confidence. 

Our New Arrivals students and students whose first language is not English, English as an Additional Language EAL, are well supported by our Literacy coaches, Learning Support Officers and classroom teachers. Staff work collaboratively to ensure that appropriate support is provided to students as they learn English within the classroom so peer relationships and immersion in the language spur students on to success. 

Newly Arrived students are provided with intensive English language instruction to help assist their educational and social adjustment to schooling in Australia. Our New Arrivals/ EAL  teacher liaises closely with parents, interpreters, class teachers and outside agencies to ensure that the students feel safe and well supported.

We offer extension opportunities within the classroom for all students who need that extra level of challenge. Teachers are constantly collecting and analysing student learning data to discern the next steps in learning and use this information to plan activities that provide a stretch to each child. We have extension maths and literacy opportunities for our students that ensure they are never cruising but flying ahead in their learning.

We also offer students the opportunity to participate in external learning opportunities such as The Australian Maths Trust Competition, i-Cas Tests, The Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee and the What Matters writing competition.