Wellbeing in the Classroom

We understand that for a child to learn optimally, they need to feel safe, secure and supported.

St Francis Xavier has an extensive well-being program designed so that students build a positive sense of self and the confidence to try new things, take risks in their learning and be their best selves. Each term, we have an overarching theme that the whole school explores through dedicated well-being and library sessions. Themes include:

  • building positive relationships
  • developing a growth mindset
  • resilience
  • protective behaviours and caring for myself
  • courage and risk-taking
  • managing emotions

Each day begins with students doing an emotion check-in which is immediately visible to the teacher. This ensures teachers are able to support students to be ready for the school day and to maximise their learning. This data is incredibly valuable for the staff as it can highlight something a student is feeling that may not be obvious or visible, and enables staff to follow up with support where needed. The data prompts many important conversations with our students and means we can address any social and emotional needs daily so student learning is optimised.

We offer an extensive range of social learning opportunities for our students, recognising that this is just as important as academic learning:

  • ‘the Playshed’, a supported play space open at recess and lunch each day and staffed by a Learning Support Officer who gently guides students to play collaboratively and build their social skills
  • a partnership with KidLink Occupational Therapists to offer a Social Thinking program during Terms 2 and 3 each year
  • Social Skills groups formed around student interests such as Lego and cooking that use these as a vehicle for building relationships and the skills of negotiation, problem solving and forming friendships
  • a variety of activities at recess and lunch including Chess Club, Ukulele Club, Choir, Environmental Warriors and Gardening Club

We are very proud that our Gardening Club won an award last year for being an outstanding contributor to student wellbeing.