LifeSkillsGo! is our new Wellbeing platform that integrates a comprehensive Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum alongside the ability to track and monitor our students’ wellbeing on a daily basis.

St Francis Xavier commenced using the LifeSkillsGo!\ platform in 2021. The platform has a broad range of curriculum resources mapped to the Victorian Curriculum that enable us to address social and emotional learning outcomes in a strategic and sequential manner from Prep-Year 6. The lessons are adaptive and we are able to tailor them to the needs of each cohort of students. LifeSkillsGo enables a consistent approach across the school with students building on their learning each year and developing a common wellbeing language.

One of the features we value the most is the ‘Weather Report’. This is a daily check-in for students as they arrive at school or after break time that enables the teacher to quickly see how students are feeling. This data is incredibly valuable for the staff as it can highlight something a student is feeling that may not be obvious or visible and enables staff to follow up with support where needed. The data prompts many important conversations with our students and means we can address any social and emotional needs daily so student learning is optimised. We can also track this data at a whole school level and this helps us to plan our wellbeing focus for each term.

You can read more about LifeSkillsGo here