During the covid pandemic we had to do some of our learning at school. We thought it would be really weird and awkward with barely any kids and social distancing rules. It was a little weird the first few days but the teachers worked really hard to make it enjoyable and fun by letting us dance to our favourite songs and lots of other great activities. It was great getting to know different teachers that we hadn't had as teachers before.
It was also really fun playing with kids from different grades who we wouldn't normally play with at normal school.
Even though we missed our teachers and our class mates we settled into our new covid school ways and ended up having a really fun time. We think that the teachers did a great job making this a positive , fun and happy time.
We are lucky to be at such a nice school with great teachers and would like to thank them for their hard work.

Niamh (Year 3) & Lily (Year 6)

Lockdown and home-learning is the best thing that could have happened to my family. I gained so much insight into how my kids work, what their strengths and weaknesses are (academically, emotionally, and socially) and how we can help support them differently from home moving forward. SFX must be commended on a seamless and well-executed transition to home-learning. I imagine a lot of communication in the early days was emotionally charged. My queries were handled with the utmost professionalism and care, for which I am grateful. Response times to emails were virtually immediate, and requests for help were actioned and solution-focussed. The amount and flexibility of online time with teachers was perfect and allowed for variation to daily routine. The workload was achievable, and the expectation of parents was realistic and appreciated. This period has reminded me of the complete admiration I have for how teachers are able to manage a large number of kids, each with their own special talents, personalities, quirks and needs, on a daily basis.

Michele and David Tonkin (Noah Year 4 & Maia Year 6)

I would like to give the staff of St Francis an accolade on the management of the school as we approached, and during the recent Coronavirus period of lockdown. The communication from the school prior to this was informative, comprehensive and easy to follow. The most impressive thing for me was the ease at which the children were able to check into their Google Meets. The work provided was balanced, well researched, had considerable variety (saving Dad the teacher) including links to books, you-tube information and many other computer based supports. The teacher support was exemplary, with regular check-ins and even the extra literacy support was scheduled and took place as though in the classroom. The library was run like a well-oiled machine with the booking process and Covid safe environment well managed and efficient. I am sure the feedback from all parents has been equally as effusive and complimentary, and the comparison from some of my work colleagues who were unable to match the smooth and seamless move to the home learning you were able to deliver. Whilst I have always held the teaching profession in high regard after the experience during this lockdown my respect has been multiplied many fold. I would also like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best in your impending, and well-earned retirement, and it appears you are leaving the school in excellent hands.

Simon Chown (Alexandra Year 2)

We wanted to write to say a very big Thankyou for all of your hard work, organisation and support during this time. It has been a huge task for you all and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your expertise, dedication and kindness. Joseph (Year 5) and Caitlin (Year 3) have been excellent working from home and that is because of the organisation of the work set and the brilliant support from their teachers. We are so proud of how enthusiastic and diligent they both were in doing all of their school work and their participation in the Google Meets.
Thank you again. We feel so blessed to be part of St Francis Xavier.

Ken and Helen Niere