Learning & Teaching

The teaching team at St Francis Xavier empowers students as independent and capable learners. Our approach to the curriculum has a spiritual foundation that conveys knowledge, skills and values for successful life-long learning.

Our focus is on high-quality learning outcomes for our students. We achieve such learning outcomes by supporting our students, enabling them and engaging them in the contemporary world in which they live.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority underpins the learning and assessment of students in Victorian schools. The St Francis Xavier curriculum is structured around the Victorian Curriculum as well as the Religious Education Guidelines. For further information regarding the
Victorian Curriculum please refer to Victorian Curriculum 

The curriculum aims to develop the knowledge and skills to equip students with the capacity to:

– manage themselves and their relations with others
– understand the world in which they live and to be able to act effectively
– become life-long learners

The curriculum is organised around two core, inter-related areas. The areas consist of eight discipline or subject areas and four capabilities.  The learning areas along with the capabilities describe the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours students need to prepare for further education, work and life.

The curriculum is delivered with a real-world focus on the foundation of Christian values and vision. Our teachers are informed and current in their teaching practice. They support the children in their personal growth and foster an environment of trust, respect, forgiveness and care.