Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is a special place for our community, one in which students are supported to develop a love of reading for life. They are encouraged to be independent problem solvers and are exposed to a wide range of programs, resources and technologies to foster natural curiosity.  

The Discovery Centre houses an extensive book collection featuring Australian authors and illustrators as well as childhood classics. Students experience literature through many mediums from storytime and author talks to audiobooks and augmented reality resources and are encouraged to develop a healthy ‘reading diet’. 

Students are given the opportunity to build their reading stamina and experience the joy of reading as often as possible, whilst learning to manage their borrowing, reservations and searches using both Windows and Apple devices.

The Discovery Centre is the home of technology resources for St Francis Xavier housing the Davis weather station console, 3D printer, computer lab, Lego Mindstorms ®, Dash the robot and class sets of Bee-Bots and Sprk+.  Broadcasting capability is delivered using a BlackMagic ATEM panel, digital SLR’s & web cameras.  Both portable and full-size green screens are part of the collection, along with a 3D scanner providing excellent technology platforms for students to explore.  

Students are encouraged to embrace the engineering design process when exploring their curiosities. For example, electricity can be investigated using circuits created by the body, battery circuits, MaKey MaKey or solar-powered inventions. Every time a student departs the Discovery Centre, we strive to have their experience live up to the name.