Our Numeracy program develops students who question, estimate and investigate within a variety of real-life mathematical contexts. We endeavour to help all of our students to become confident and competent mathematical thinkers, equipped for life beyond the classroom.

At St Francis Xavier, teachers:

  • use a variety of assessment tools to inform teaching and learning 
  • plan small focused teaching groups, independent work and group activities appropriate to the students’ needs
  • analyse data from assessments in order to track the growth of students’ knowledge and skill.
  • endeavour to create a classroom environment where students feel confident to co-operate, communicate, inquire and take risks as they are learning

At St Francis Xavier, students:

  • are engaged in ‘focus groups’ with the teacher targeting the next steps in learning for each student
  • are involved in independent learning activities that reinforce and complement the work taught in ‘focus groups’
  • are encouraged to articulate strategies used to solve problems and evaluate them
  • have access to a wide range of appropriate and contemporary resources, including interactive whiteboards and laptops
  • have opportunities to experience success by being members of a community that fosters investigating, risk-taking and decision-making.