The School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is an integral part of the leadership and stewardship of our school. It bringstogether our Parish Priest, Principal and parents operating as an agent of the Church. Our goal as a School Advisory Council is to embody the Gospel values and traditions of our faith to serve the families and staff within the St Francis Xavier Community.

The School Advisory Council believes that serving on the Council is a form of ministry;  not a position of power but a position of service to the school community in the interests of all students.

Through strengthening the role of the School Advisory Council in partnership with the Parish Priest, Principal and staff, we are committed to serving the community to ensure high-quality educational experiences and outcomes for all students attending St Francis Xavier.

A word from our Chair, Mr Mark Roberts:

Hi, my name is Mark Roberts and I am the SFX School Advisory Council Chairperson for 2021. 

I have personally been involved in the SFX community over the last five years.  I have three children at our school. My membership on the SFX School Advisory Council over the last two years, coordination of the Whitehorse Colts Auskick program and coaching at the Blackburn Vikings Basketball Club have allowed me to get to know many of the families at SFX and I feel very lucky to be involved in such a friendly and caring community. I am also a school principal at a primary school in Templestowe so I am in the unique position to know the ins and outs of how schools operate from both sides of the fence.

School Advisory Councils in parish primary schools are an advisory body governed by its constitution. They provide a forum for discussion and discernment, where the parent voice and perspective are available to influence the decisions made by the principal and parish priest for the good of school and parish where the wellbeing and outcomes for students are paramount.

I encourage all parents to express their thoughts, ask questions and make suggestions to improve the learning experience for our students to the School Advisory Council. Please do not hesitate to contact me through the school office if you would like anything discussed at our monthly meetings.  Please be aware topics or questions that are of an operational nature will be handled by Mary and the school leadership team.  

The School Advisory Council are very excited about the year ahead and we look forward to assisting the school to make 2022 a fantastic year for the students and families of SFX.

Kind regards,