Principal’s Welcome:

A very warm welcome to the learning community of St Francis Xavier Primary School, Box Hill. St Francis Xavier is a place where your child can thrive, grow and learn supported by a team of experienced and committed staff who understand how children learn best and how to nurture the wellbeing of every child.

Our school is inspired by the model of St Francis Xavier, a man who served others and spent his time bringing the good news of Jesus to those he encountered. This is our mission too, to educate our young people to understand the values modeled by Jesus of trust, respect, forgiveness and care and live these out daily.

Our staff work collaboratively to plan learning experiences that cater for the needs of every student in our care. We work in teams to analyse student data and bring this together with what we know and understand about our students to ensure that our teaching is targeted and purposeful, always aimed at supporting the student to grow and progress. This sits within our commitment to the wellbeing of each student, knowing that when students are happy, settled and secure at school, learning flows naturally.

Our school community embraces diversity and values the partnership we have with each family. We work with our families to enhance the learning of every student and value the contributions our families make to the life of the school through the Education Board, the Parents and Friends Association, classroom helpers and volunteering.

We look forward to partnering with you as your child commences their learning journey here with us, and know that you will grow to love this community as much as we do.


Mary Jones