Teacher Appreciation Week

We have a wonderful, dedicated teaching team here at St Francis Xavier and our students really appreciate all the things teachers do for them every day. Read what our students have to say about some of our team …

This teacher helps me with my maths and listens to me if I have a question. If I  feel sad or upset, This teacher can recognise it and then helps me. This teacher always thinks about others in the room and makes sure everyone is ok.

This teacher is really kind and good at music. This teacher can play the piano really well. When This teacher teaches us she is really focused on how the teaching of music works. This teacher is a really good person. 

This teacher is supportive, funny and kind. This teacher explains stuff if you don’t understand it properly in a way that you can understand it. This teacher cares about your learning and makes sure everyone is happy and if they look upset this teacher goes to them. 

This teacher always treats each person differently because she knows their personality and cares and helps them. This teacher is a good listener and is always checking in on you. This teacher is always going round to the classrooms to make sure that everyone is having a good day and are enjoying themselves. If you are struggling, she focuses on you and your particular problem. I always feel like I have done a good job once she has left.

This teacher is really kind and caring to all of us and treats everyone as equal – This teacher is very welcoming. Every morning This teacher greets us happily with a big smile. This teacher always explains things quite well and we know what to do. This teacher knows what she wants to do with the school and how to make it a better place for all of us.

I really appreciate This teacher because she helps us sort out all sorts of problems. It’s really her passion to teach and she’s just …. She’s really open about anything. This teacher also has a good laugh about absolutely anything!! During home learning, me, her and my sister laughed whilst watching her dog chase Ginny because he thought he was the same size as her!!!

This teacher… I thank her for teaching me because she just keeps teaching me so I can learn and be a judge and rich one day! This teacher helps me a lot. She is kind, she is friendly, she is good and she is always happy. This teacher wears pretty clothes and I like her pretty dress! 

This teacher teaches me and I am getting clever and she makes me smarter so I can read a book with 16 pages!! This teacher is clever and when I get stuck on a word she helps me by sounding it out.


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