Student Wellbeing

Play Is The Way

PLAY IS THE WAY is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional learning using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language.

PLAY IS THE WAY is behaviour education using wisdom, not force.

PLAY IS THE WAY is suitable for primary school children of all ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds where no particular sporting or athletic ability is required to successfully participate.

Each term, the whole school will focus on a LIFE RAFT.  With a deep understanding of the 5 concepts, the children will have the means to build a safe school environment and embrace the ups and downs of life and learning.

Term 1 Focus: Treat Others as you Would like Them to Treat You
Term 2 Focus: Be Brave and Participate to Progress
Term 3 Focus: It Takes Great Strength to be Sensible
Term 4 Focus: Pursue Your Personal Best No Matter Who You Work With